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Originally published in magazine form in ADVENTURE COMICS (Vol. 1) #247, April 1958.
All Rights reserved to DC Comics.

Reprinted in SUPERMAN ANNUAL (Vol. 1) #6, Winter 1962-1963 (with changes); in DC SPECIAL BLUE RIBBON DIGEST (Vol. 1) #1, March-April 1980; in ADVENTURE COMICS DIGEST (Vol. 1) #491, September 1982; in LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES ARCHIVES Volume One, 1991; in DC SILVER AGE CLASSICS (Vol. 1) #3C, 1992; in MILLENNIUM EDITION: ADVENTURE COMICS (Vol. 1) #247, November 2000; in WORLD'S BEST COMICS: SILVER AGE DC ARCHIVES SAMPLER (Vol. 1), 2004; in SHOWCASE PRESENTS: LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES, Vol. 1, April 2007; in LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES 1050 YEARS OF THE FUTURE TPB, 2008 & in ADVENTURE COMICS Vol. 2 #0, April 2009.

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